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New design home induction loop system with automatic SCART connection to arrive soon.

Probably the best price
on the internet.
Only £99.00
+ Carrier

Contacta ILPL 20 One-To-One induction loop system.


Assistive Listening Devices

ALD's for:
use anywhere


Churches &
Large Venues

Induction Loop Systems for:
Village Halls
Town Halls
Board Rooms
Law Courts


Home Loop
Residential Home Loop

Induction Loop Systems for:
In-Car use
TV Rooms



Induction Loop Systems for:
Interview Rooms
Small Offices
Waiting Rooms



Induction Loop Systems for:
Hotel Receptions
Ticket Offices
Interview Booths


Portable Systems

Induction Loop Systems for:
Temporary Venues


Supermarket Checkouts

Induction Loop Systems for:
Deli Counters
Metal Receptions
Metal Counters

  Body Worn PA Amplifier

Voice Amplifier for:
People with
temporary or
permanent voice impairment
  Smoke Alarm

Vibrating and Flashing Smoke Alarm

Digital Alarm Clock
Analogue Clock

Vibrating Alarm Clocks


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