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We have a range of induction loop systems for disability discrimination act (DDA) compliance, assistive listening and alerting devices for people who are hearing impaired.  We hope you enjoy the experience of our website.  We have put together some useful information about public address systems, induction loop systems and microphones for public and domestic buildings. We have included accessories such as loop and speaker cable, cable stapler hand tool, inter-connect audio cables (free with every purchase), batteries etc.  You will find information such as how an induction loop system works, how to put together a DIY induction loop and public address system.   The website gives you information that will offer you the knowledge you require to select components from our website to enable you to install a DIY induction loop or public address system.

You can order a DIY induction loop system to install it yourself.  You can use a local qualified person to install and commission the system for your or you can order the DIY loop system to install it yourself and then use our services to commission and certify the induction loop system.  This will include training staff on how the induction loop system works and how different hearing aids work with the induction loop system.

If you would like us to supply and install a system at your venue, we have an online estimate page for you to complete.   We will custom design a system for you and telephone you to discuss finer details and available options followed by a written estimate by email.   If you are applying for lottery funding or other grants, we would advise that you speak to us before the submission so that we can provide a suitable written estimate.

Other products such as TV listening and alerting devices include an introduction, specifications, features and useful tips i.e. do not use an infra-red TV listener with a plasma TV.  Each page is packed with information to help you decide on the correct piece of equipment for you, friend or relative.

All prices shown include VAT.  Should you qualify to be VAT exempt please download, complete and sign the VAT declaration form and mail it to us. We will refund the VAT to you.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Portable One to One Loop

Portable One to One Loop

Overview The stylish portable one-to-one induction loop system is so easy to use and carry around between rooms. Simpl..

£144.00 Ex VAT: £120.00

Infra-Red TV Listener with Headphones

Infra-Red TV Listener with Headphones

Infra-Red TV Listener with Headphone Receiver complete with: IR Transmitter IR Headphone Receiver 1 x Battery A..

£130.80 Ex VAT: £109.00

Analogue Alarm Clock

Analogue Alarm Clock

Analogue Alarm Clock & Bed Shaker This gadget will never let you oversleep again! Product Features:  &..

£150.00 Ex VAT: £150.00

Wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell with a bright flashing light for people who are hearing impaired of deaf. Optional extra modules inclu..

£66.00 Ex VAT: £55.00

Featured Product

One of our featured product this month is on special offer:  portable one to one induction loop system.  A recent survey has shown that only 15% of business complies with the DDA.  A simple and cost effective way to comply with the DDA and attract people who are hearing impaired i.e. in to a shop or for ease of communication in the work place is the use of a portable one to one induction loop system.  If you make your clients experience enjoyable they will come back again and even recommended their friends.  In the place of work staff will find it easier to communicate by the use of the portable one to one induction loop system.  This small adjustment/investment should pay dividends.